The aim of Heritage Volunteers is to provide non-specialist help in the conservation and preservation of our national heritage in  museums, historic houses, National Trust properties and other heritage organisations. It may involve caring for collections, recording documents, cataloguing, guiding and stewarding. Our society has an active and committed group.

1 Current HV Projects.

1.1 The Wedgwood Museum

1.1.1 “The Works on Paper Project”Two of our volunteers are working on a weekly basis. It is expected that it will be completed late 2019.

1.1.2 “The Trial Tray Project”
The work is continuing on a weekly basis in conjunction with the Stafford Society.There is a considerable number of trays to catalogue and the project is likely to continue into next year. There are five North Staffs members involved.

1.2 The Spode Museum Trust – The Spode Papers

1.2.1 The manuscript cataloguing of the Spode papers is now complete. There is further
work to do in cataloguing a series of laboratory test reports and other technical
papers. However, due to reasons beyond our control, these won’t be available
until the autumn; we hope to resume then. In the meantime, Mark Mills and I are
continuing with entering the handwritten work onto a computer database.

2 New HV Projects

2.1  A new project at Spode will commence later this year.

To find out more about volunteering or to join our group contact our Heritage Volunteers Representative:

Glyn Farrington  Tel:   01782 - 613673    E-mail: