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12 November 2019The English Kitchen and Garden
08 October 2019Silk Road : A Textile journey
10 September 2019The Whole Art Of The Book
09 July 2019Elizabeth Vigee Le Brun
11 June 2019Undressing Antiques
14 May 2019Going Potty About Commodes
09 April 2019The English Country Church : Pre-Christian to the Tudors
12 March 2019Cartoonery: English Attitudes
12 February 2019Cosimo de Medici : A Machiavellian Prince
08 January 2019Victoria & Albert: Art and Love
13 November 2018The Origins of our English Christmas
09 October 2018Historic Gardens of the Italian Lakes
11 September 2018Tamara de Lempicka: Mistress of Art Deco
10 July 2018Food Art and History
12 June 2018A Passion for Fashion
08 May 2018The Golden Age of British Watercolours
10 April 2018Edvard Munch and The Art of Scandinavia

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The English Kitchen and Garden David Bostwick Tuesday 12 November 2019

Looking at evidence through still-life and genre paintings of the time momentous changes in kitchen gardens and orchards will be seen, following the discovery of strange new foods such as sweetcorn, potatoes and tomatoes from the Americas

Dr. David Bostwick is a lecturer and consultant in the cultural history of the Medieval, Tudor and Stuart periods. He is a consultant on historic buildings and their interpretation to The National Trust, English Heritage and Historic Scotland.