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10 September 2019The Whole Art Of The Book
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08 January 2019Victoria & Albert: Art and Love
13 November 2018The Origins of our English Christmas
09 October 2018Historic Gardens of the Italian Lakes
11 September 2018Tamara de Lempicka: Mistress of Art Deco
10 July 2018Food Art and History
12 June 2018A Passion for Fashion
08 May 2018The Golden Age of British Watercolours
10 April 2018Edvard Munch and The Art of Scandinavia

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The Whole Art Of The Book Dominic Riley Tuesday 10 September 2019

Why was the best paper made from the worn-out clothes of peasants? Why is gold leaf so thin that it cannot be touched with bare hands?  Why is the art of bookbinding as beguiling and enchanting today as it was when invented on the banks of the Nile 2000 years ago? This lecture tells the story of everything that makes a traditional hard-backed book.

Dominic Riley is a bookbinder, artist and teacher. He first learned bookbinding at the age of 16 from the Benedictine monks at Douai Abbey in Berkshire and later at the London College of Printing. He has worked for the V&A and for various binderies in London, New York and San Francisco.  He is Vice-President of the Society of Bookbinders and has won many prizes in design competions,