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12 May 2020The Secret of Ruskin Pottery
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09 October 2018Historic Gardens of the Italian Lakes
11 September 2018Tamara de Lempicka: Mistress of Art Deco
10 July 2018Food Art and History
12 June 2018A Passion for Fashion
08 May 2018The Golden Age of British Watercolours
10 April 2018Edvard Munch and The Art of Scandinavia

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The Secret of Ruskin Pottery Sally hoban Tuesday 12 May 2020

Dr. Sally hoban has lectured extensively on art, design and antiques. She has broadcast on BBC Two, BBC Four and BBC Radio 4. She is a freelance arts journalist for local, national and international media.

At the beginning of the 20th. century the Ruskin Pottery in Smethwick was producing some of the most beautiful and innovative art pottery in the world. The company won many international awards and today people are prepared to pay huge sums for the finest pieces. The factory is little known and this lecture will introduce you to the secrets of Ruskin Pottery and its beautiful ceramics.

Cancelled due to the Corona virus.