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Frida Khalo & Diego Rivera: The Golden age of Mexican Painting Chloe Sayer Tuesday 14 January 2020

Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera have iconic status in Mexico. The revolution of 1910 swept away the old regime and banished European influence in the arts. Khalo and Rivera in their different ways helped to shape the cultural identity  of 20th. century Mexico. Rivera's panoramic images adorn the walls of public buldings, combining social criticism with faith in human progress. Compared with the monumental scale of Rivera's work Khalo's work is small in format. Arguably Mexico's most original painter she made herself the principal theme of her art. Her paintings reflect her experiences, dreams, hopes and fears.

Chloe is a freelance specialist in the art and culture of Latin America. She has lectured widely in the UK and abroad and has curated exhibitions for the BBC and Channel 4. She is a research assistant in The Department of World Cultures at the Royal Ontario Museum. In 2016 she was awarded the prestigious Ohtli medal by the Mexican government for her longstanding commitment to Mexican  culture.